Our IntegriSure mobile app (an extension of our Self-Service platform) enables you to view policy details, call for help with an incident, and access policy info any time.

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IntegriSure has developed a tool to simplify your life when it comes to managing your IntegriSure short-term insurance policy. Register today for access to just about anything pertaining to your policy.

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Let’s say the worst-case scenario actually happens to your business. If you’re an IntegriSure client, you’ll be covered.

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Every year during National Savings Month, the South African Savings Institute remind us that South Africans simply do

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The face of insurance risk in an IoT-enabled world 2 Like(s)

We live in an increasingly connected world, and if the Internet of Things (IoT) has its way, technology

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Should dash cams play a bigger role in the short-term insurance industry? 4 Like(s)

Transport Minister Joe Maswanganyi released road death statistics showing a 51% increase in fatalities during the 2017 Easter

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