Personal Insurance

Personal insurance, at its simplest, is about peace of mind.

It’s about knowing that you’re protected against losses you wouldn’t want to cover on your own. It’s about you and the members of your family being able to drive cars, own homes, and enjoy all of the precious things you’ve acquired, while feeling safe in the knowledge that these items can be repaired or replaced if necessary.

IntegriSure’s key areas of Personal cover extend to your home, its contents, your car/s and other vehicles like motorcycles or watercraft, as well as special items, like bicycles, laptops, cellphones or jewellery. And we make a point of giving you and your family the trustworthy advice you need to enjoy complete peace of mind.

Your IntegriSure policy

IntegriSure’s Personal cover is designed for clients with a responsible lifestyle, offering unique packages to address specific needs. Our cover also extends to:

  • Subsidence & landslip cover
  • New motor vehicle replacement if a loss occurs within 12 months of inception (up to 30 000km)
  • Trauma counselling cover after a motor vehicle accident, hijacking or attempted hijacking
  • Free 24-7 emergency assistance from IntegriAssist
  • Fast, effective and always-available Claims and Emergency Claims Services

The IntegriSure App (an extension of our Self-Service platform) enables clients to view policy details, call for help with an incident, and access policy info anytime.

Value-adding extras

  • Death Benefit Plan - plus cover extensions for tombstones, a short-term insurance premium waiver, and additional persons like family members or employees
  • Hospital Cash Plan
  • Vehicle Warranty Plan
  • Appliance cover in the event of electronic and electrical failure

Optional features

  • Excess options that include a vehicle excess waiver or a voluntary excess
  • Car hire cover
  • Top-up cover (which covers the difference between retail value and hire purchase)
  • Roadside breakdown assistance
  • Take Me Home / cab service
  • Power surge cover
  • Non-motor accidental damage
  • How does load shedding affect my cover?
    The policy wording states that it is your responsibility to ensure that the alarm is in a working condition and set before any buildings are left unattended. However, if you can prove that the alarm was armed prior to leaving your building and became inoperable due to load shedding, the insurers will still consider a burglary loss since this falls outside of your control. Please remember that it is vital to have your alarm and back-up battery checked before going on holiday, to ensure that it is operational.
  • What about damage resulting from power surges?
    In the event of load shedding, there is always the possibility of a power surge when the power supply is restored. This could destroy electronic equipment and appliances that are not plugged into surge protectors. Please take note that this damage does not form part of the standard insured perils but is available as an optional cover type in terms of the house contents section (‘accidental damage’).
  • Why must I insure my contents for the total value when chances are that only a small portion of this will be taken during a theft?
    House contents should be insured for the current replacement cost, because the insurer will settle any claim on the basis of New for Old. You must therefore ensure that you cover all items inside your main dwelling as well as outbuildings to prevent under-insurance in the event of a claim. Please contact us on 0860 055 055 for us to provide you with an inventory form so that you can determine the current replacement value of your house contents.
  • I’m in the process of moving. Will my contents be covered during the move?
    Yes. When you permanently change residence, any damage or loss due to fire, lightning, explosion or theft while contents are in the process of being removed are automatically covered. It is advisable to contact us before you move house, to ensure that your risk details are up to date. This will prevent unnecessary delay in the event of a claim. Cover for accidental damage should also be arranged with your furniture removal company.
  • I often travel to neighbouring countries. Will the items I take with me be covered under House Contents - Extended Territorial Limits?
    Personal items that you remove from home and carry with you on a daily basis must be insured under the All Risk section in order for it to be covered worldwide. Clothing and suitcases will be covered under Unspecified All Risk, BUT laptops, cell phones and iPads must be specified to be comprehensively covered. Please contact us on 0860 055 055 or for advise.
  • Why doesn’t my policy cover ‘wear and tear’ when it comes to my building?
    It is a general condition of your policy wording that you must exercise all reasonable precautions for the maintenance and safety of the insured property, as well as to prevent or minimise loss or damage. This applies to all cover sections of your policy.
  • What is ‘due precaution’ when maintaining a building?
    Loss or damage caused to a building by wear and tear or gradual deterioration is not an insured event (which must be sudden and unforeseen, like a storm, lightning or hail damage.) For this reason, it is advisable that building owners pay attention to: The roof – Home owners should regularly check the roof for missing, worn or broken roof tiles or other materials that could allow water to infiltrate and weaken the roof’s structure. Look out for a build-up of mould, as well as the pooling of water, especially on a flat roof. If these problems are not attended to, they could cause damage over a period of time, which could lead to problems at claim stage. 

 The gutters - Ensure that all gutters are regularly cleaned, as a build-up of leaves or other debris can cause water puddles on the roof, resulting in rotting and leaks. Clean gutters will ensure that water can drain away from your home during storms. The plumbing – Conduct regular visual inspections to identify possible plumbing leaks in your home, especially in and around kitchens, bathrooms and laundry areas. When taps are leaking from the spout, these probably only require the replacement of a washer, but dripping taps or leaking pipes can result in a build-up of moisture over time, leading to the formation of mould and the rotting of building materials. 

 Electrical wiring - Faulty electrical wiring is one of the leading causes of fires in homes. Check that all electrical wiring is in working order and ensure that any electrical wiring problems are attended to immediately.
  • What is covered under the Breakdown Assist Optional Cover?
    This optional cover, of R16 per vehicle per month, gives clients 24-hour access across South Africa to a variety of services. The following product benefits are offered: • 
Mechanical and electrical breakdown - A towing service is provided to tow the vehicle to a place of repair (dealer) or safekeeping within a 100km radius in metropolitan areas and a 400km radius in rural areas. • 
Jump-start service - A service provider is dispatched to jump-start the vehicle. • 
Tyre-change service - A service provider is dispatched to change a flat tyre at both roadside and non-roadside locations. • Running out of fuel - 10 litres of fuel is supplied in the event of the vehicle running out of fuel (maximum two incidents per year). 
 • Keys locked in the vehicle / keys broken in the ignition/door - A service provider is dispatched to unlock the car. The cost of the call-out and one hour’s labour is covered. • 
Additional assistance (incident occurs more than 100km from home) – Either accommodation for one night (up to R500), a class-B hire vehicle for 200km or a taxi service (up to R500). • Take Me Home & cab services - A convenient and cost-effective means of getting home safely after an evening out or transports is needed to attend to personal matters, like getting to the airport. To find out more contact 0860 055 055 or mail
  • Can I insure my child’s vehicle under my policy even though it is registered in their name?
    Unfortunately not. In order to ensure any item under your policy you must have an insurable interest in the item. You must therefore suffer a direct financial loss should the item be damaged or lost. Speak to us at 0860 055 055 or to discuss cover options for insuring your financially dependent child’s vehicle, in order to ensure that they are adequately insured.
  • Is hail damage automatically included in vehicle cover?
    Yes, you will be covered for damages caused to your vehicle by hail, lightning or any other storm-related event if your vehicle is insured with comprehensive cover.


Accidents happen. So if you or your loved ones own a car, you need to invest in comprehensive insurance cover for anything that could happen to it, from theft and hijacking to lost keys and repairs.


IntegriSure offers some of the most comprehensive 4x4 cover on the market, specifically designed for 4x4 enthusiasts and their unique needs.


IntegriSure offers cover for adventure motorcycles, on-road and off-road motorcycles and quad bikes.


We offer specialist cover for your caravan, trailer tent, motor home or off-road trailer. This means that you can explore the world with complete peace of mind.


Allow IntegriSure to cover your fishing tackle, waterskiing equipment and all general boating equipment and accessories, including the boat or watercraft itself.


In the event of disaster (like that inconvenient burst geyser), homeowners rely on comprehensive insurance cover for contents, personal property, and fittings & fixtures – especially when it comes to theft, floods, fires or damage by animals.


Every property owner needs comprehensive insurance cover for private property and outbuildings, including cover for malicious damage and alterations for disability. Think of a holiday home, for instance. What if something happens to cause damage or harm to the structure itself, while you’re not around to keep an eye on it?

All risk

IntegriSure offers comprehensive all-risk insurance cover for specified valuable personal items like photographic equipment, laptops, bicycles, cellphones and jewellery. These items are often damaged, lost or stolen, and are costly to replace.

Business owner?

What if the worst-case scenario happens? Are you covered?