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Motor insurance

Ever heard the expression, 'It's just a car'? We have, and we disagree. Yes, it's a car. Four wheels (usually), a steering column (of sorts) and a seat – but also a symbol of freedom, movement, productivity and, for many, achievement.

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Home insurance

There's no place like home. That's why, at IntegriSure, our home insurance cover is all about what's important to you and to your family – whether it's your building, the contents of your home or the items you carry with you daily. IntegriSure's priority, in the event of a loss or damage, is getting everything back to normal as quickly as possible. Bottom line? If it's important to you, it's important to us.

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Business insurance

If the worst-case scenario actually happens to your business, you'll need comprehensive cover. You'll also need to continue operating while someone else focuses on the job of replacing your losses in the shortest possible time.

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Need to claim?

When you deal with IntegriSure, you're buying the promise of a seamless claim experience.

The claim is the thing. We get that. The only question is: when will you need to use the claim?

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