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The future of insurance is personal.

For more than 24 years, we have successfully serviced our clients through our Private Broker offering. As an IntegriSure Private Broker client, your motor and home insurance portfolio is proactively monitored to ensure you are placed with the best insurer at all times and continue to be treated fairly. In addition, you enjoy the benefit of being part of one of South Africa’s largest insurance brokers.


Our Legacy

A Broker like no other

You had the rest. Now get the best

After more than two decades of providing insurance options and advice, we know what our clients want. Being a sought-after broker by top insurers in South Africa, we only form partnerships based on the best product and service offerings.

Furthermore, we continuously evaluate the market and proactively monitor our clients’ portfolios to benchmark our recommendations. This is to ensure you don’t pay too much, receive too high increases or be given unnecessary excesses. That’s why a trusted expert in your corner makes all the difference.

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Going the extra mile

The Essential Pack helps you manage those unforeseen events where normal risk management and insurance cover falls short.

Your handyman on standby

Your home is your most valuable asset – maintaining it is essential. When you insure your building and contents through us, you receive Home Assist. With access to a wide network of approved electricians, locksmiths and plumbers, regular maintenance and repairs becomes easier.

24/7 assistance at your fingertips

Stuck on the side of the road? Medical emergency? One phone call is all it takes for a helping hand. Offering a bouquet of services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, you are never alone in whatever life throws at you.

Let us take you where you need to be

Need a lift? By placing your motor insurance through us, you gain access to our Take Me Home and Taxi service to attend to personal matters, such as travel to and from the airport, or getting home safely after and evening out. While you take care of life, we take care of your safety.


The products we provide

You could be better served by your insurance. Let us advise you how.

Motor Insurance

Your wheels, your pride

We take your car as seriously as you do, by protecting it when it’s on the road or at home. We ensure that, whether the ding is small or the incident big and serious, your vehicle can be repaired or replaced.

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Home Insurance

Protect the things you love most

There’s no place like home. That’s why our home insurance cover is all about what’s important to you – whether it’s your building or the contents of your home. In the event of a loss or damage, our priority is getting everything back to normal as quickly as possible.

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Cyber Insurance

Surf the web with confidence

Don’t fall victim to cybercrime. In a modern-day insurance portfolio, cyber insurance is as important as motor and home insurance. This cover and emergency assistance, protects you against online identity and financial theft, among others.

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Funeral Insurance

Peace of mind when it matters most

Funeral planning can be a complicated process during an already difficult time. It’s important that you can bury your loved ones with dignity and respect. With our Funeral Cash Plan, you can be sure that the funeral costs are covered.

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Our insurance partners

What our clients have to say

What our clients say about how we helped them
get the best short-term insurance option.

"Lovely, friendly and patient lady, so very efficient and helpful. I have always been impressed by IntegriSure and they have always looked after me."

"He was understanding in my personal needs regarding what kind of insurance I needed."

"She is always kind and helpful! She really went out of her way to help me with a good premium which is affordable for me."

"I am a new customer but thank to Damien. His knowledge, friendliness and advice is highly appreciated."

"Yolandi was just excellent. I didn’t expect the claim process to be that fast and smooth."

"The human element of the Consultant I was engaging with was amazing, as well as her efficiency and effectiveness."

"Our geyser burst and it was as easy as one phone call to sort out our claim. Hassle free and the Consultants are professional and caring."

"Gustav did go out of his way to assist me and to give me the best service and advice on my insurance."

"I love the way you follow up and phone me to find out if the contractor completed his work."

"When I recently bought a new vehicle the finance person at the dealership could not believe how fast we were able to arrange proof of insurance."

"Loved how it felt you personally cater for me. An excellent broker!"

"Loved the immediate follow-up and excellent offer to keep the long standing relationship going."

"The service from that lady was out of this world and very knowledgeable on the products you offer."

"The agent Dawie is a fantastic person, his knowledge of his work was brilliant, he is a credit to the company."

"The service is always professional and we get exactly what we want. Keep up the good work. Stay safe!"

"The explanation of the benefits offered was excellent but the bonus was the huge savings I gained by using IntegriSure to source an insurance company for my vehicle and property."

Need to submit a claim?

TV broke while watching the game? We will administer the claim with your insurer to get you back into the action.

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Knowledge to mitigate your risks

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