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How are insurance premiums determined?

Well, it’s a science. To put it simply, insurance premiums are calculated by assessing trends in risk: the policy-holder’s risk profile, the probability of claims, and their associated costs.

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COVID-19 and the importance of disaster planning

As a short-term insurance broker, we know the importance of planning for a disaster: fires, floods, asset breakdowns, cyber breaches. Advice and product offerings for risk management is what we do best.

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Tips for financial streamlining during an economic downturn

As the economy continues its downward spiral and job losses remain on the rise, many institutions are offering various types of debt relief to those affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. While it may be tempting to have a break from some of your monthly expenses, especially when the future is uncertain, it’s not always the best solution to put payments on hold – unless you absolutely have to. Let’s examine the important considerations.

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Generators lighten our load – here’s how to insure them

With the current state of the electricity network and its inability to generate sufficient power at all times, we need to be prepared to live with the inconvenience of loadshedding for the next few years. Aside from the practicalities of being without electricity, the biggest concern is how to protect ourselves, our loved ones, our homes and our businesses from harm.

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Why maintaining your home and its contents is crucial

Your home is where you and your loved ones are safe and secure. To prevent that safety and security from being compromised, looking after and maintaining your home and its contents is crucial.

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Renting out your villa – This is what you need to know

Investing in buy-to-let property, or renting out a holiday home or villa, has become a popular avenue for individuals looking to invest for the future; yet, while this may provide an attractive revenue stream, it is critical for such an asset to be properly protected to mitigate the financial risks.

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