Keep your holiday toys safe this festive season

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Keep your holiday toys safe this festive season

With South Africans soon flocking to holiday destinations, many of us take the opportunity to make the most of our holiday toys.

With South Africans soon flocking to holiday destinations, many of us take the opportunity to make the most of our holiday toys. However, these gadgets, devices and leisure items often carry a very high value, and in order to safeguard them, it’s important to ensure that they are well protected and insured.

Arnold van der Linde, Executive Chairman at IntegriSure, says that holiday time is when these items see the highest level of use, but they are also more likely to be damaged, lost or stolen. “The best way to ensure that you don’t suffer a loss in the event of an unfortunate incident is to make sure that all high value items are properly insured,” he advises.

South Africans have a great love of the outdoors, and we see many people purchase boats and jet skis, water and outdoor sport equipment, caravans, photographic gear and off-road vehicles at the end of the year. These types of items can be extremely expensive and are often easily damaged or stolen, which can amount to huge amounts of money being lost if not correctly insured.”

According to van der Linde, other high-value items that should be covered include camera equipment, mobile phones and devices, jewelry and branded gear. “Many people even take their television sets, computers and electronic entertainment such as PlayStations and X-Boxes on holiday with them. Especially if flashed around, all of these items can potentially be a high risk,” he says.

“It is all too easy to become complacent during holidays. We are relaxed, in new and unfamiliar surroundings, and possibly not as aware as we should be,” explains van der Linde. “This, coupled with the valuable items often brought along for entertainment, makes holiday-goers ideal targets of crime such as theft and muggings.”

For this reason, van der Linde advises that it is crucially important – for the safety of yourself and your family, as well as to protect your belongings – to stay aware and be mindful of security measures when on holiday. These include locking doors and windows, packing valuables away out of plain sight, and being observant of the people around your holiday accommodation.

He adds, “Being relaxed can also make us forgetful or careless, and as such it is helpful to make a conscious effort to keep track of valuable items, and to ensure that these valuables are taken home again when returning from a day out. Store them safely and securely at all times.”

“At the end of the day, accidents happen, items get lost, and crime is a reality we should all bear in mind,” says van der Linde. “Take extra care of yourselves and your belongings this holiday season, and should an unfortunate incident occur, being properly protected and insured will mean that your holiday isn’t ruined because of it,” he concludes.

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