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Cyber protection

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Cyber Insurance

Don’t become a victim.

Protect yourself with [MY]CYlution, a cyber insurance product we specifically sourced that covers you in the event of:

  1. Financial theft
  2. Identity theft
  3. Data restoration Cyberbullying, cyber stalking, and loss of reputation
  4. Cyber extortion
  5. Network security liability
  6. Privacy and data breach liability
  7. Third-party privacy and data breach liability

You also receive 24/7 telephonic assistance for cyber-related incidents. Not only will you use the 24/7 Telephonic Cyber Assistance to report incidents, but also to receive proactive assistance. The services include online identity protection guidance and general online protection tips. And when things go wrong, a dedicated specialist will provide you with incident remediation from the first call to resolution.

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Cyber insurance. As important as motor and home insurance.

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