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Motor Insurance

Ever heard the expression, ‘It’s just a car’? We have, and we disagree. Yes, it’s a car. Four wheels (usually), a steering column (of sorts) and a seat – but also a symbol of freedom, movement, productivity and for many, achievement. That’s why at IntegriSure we take your car as seriously as you do, by protecting it when it’s on the road or at home. We ensure that, whether the ding is small or the incident big and serious, your vehicle can be repaired or replaced.

Additional cover options

Car Hire

It’s important to us that you suffer the least possible disruption when your vehicle is not mobile. Taking into account that you drive a certain vehicle for certain purposes (such as a sports utility vehicle for transporting your children), we offer a range of rental vehicle classes, including both automatic and manual 4x4s.

24/7 Telephonic Assistance

Should you be stranded, help is at hand. The 24/7 Telephonic Assistance is available for roadside emergencies anywhere in South Africa. From a jump-start service, to a tyre-change, to help with a locked-in or broken key, help is always one call away.

Take Me Home and cab service

No need to miss out on events and social gatherings – we ensure your safety with the Take Me Home collection service. For getting to doctor’s appointments, the airport or other important engagements, the cab service is the ideal solution for you.

It's not just a car. We get it. Motor Insurance.

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