Official IntegriSure Advice
Issue: April 2017

Staying safe on SA's roads

Behind every statistic for road accidents lies the tragedy of a life or lives needlessly lost, the pain of loved ones left behind, the cost and loss to the economy.

Involved in an accident?
A client's story

The shock after being involved in an accident is understandable. What you do on the scene and the details you record are, however, very important for processing your insurance claim. It can save a great deal of time and trouble later.

4x4 Vehicle Cover provides
carefree adventures

Enthusiasts of 4x4 vehicles and adventures are usually well equipped for any eventuality. Tools, supplies and equipment are important, but peace of mind begins with the right and adequate insurance cover.

Important products to limit disruption

IntegriSure believes in doing more than just providing cover for your four wheels. We help to limit the disruption in your life after a mishap.

Don't get bitten by Underinsurance

IntegriSure is serious in its advice not to underinsure. We do not want any client to be disillusioned and disappointed when they claim and the insurance payment falls way short as a result of underinsurance.