Offisiële IntegriSure Advies | Official IntegriSure Advice
Issue: December 2015

Important facts to know regarding your funeral policy

Katinka Snashall
Head: Client Service Centre

Because we understand that the loss of a spouse or family member uproots one’s life, we strive to make our funeral policy claims procedure as simple as possible. If you find yourself in the unfortunate situation of needing to claim for funeral cover, we want to ensure that you have no uncertainties regarding the procedure.

To finalise the claims process as quickly as possible, kindly provide us with the following documents in the event of a claim:

  • A certified copy of the death certificate.
  • Certified copies of the deceased’s identity documents.
  • Certified copies of the beneficiary’s identity documents.
  • A copy of the official police report (in the case of an accidental death) of the assured’s life.
  • To verify bank details, please provide banking details and a copy of the latest bank statement.
  • A completed official Assupol Life claim form, which must be requested from us.
  • A certified copy of the BI-1663.

A Bl-1663, also known as a notification of death, must be completed when you report a death and will be issued after the death has been registered.

You can only collect this form from an authorised Department of Home Affairs representative, a member of the South African Police, or an authorised undertaker.

IntegriSure funeral policy owners can also extend their cover to include a premium waiver benefit. This benefit can be used by the deceased’s loved ones to pay expenses such as the water and electricity bill, school fees, and short-term insurance premiums.

If you are interested in this benefit, SMS the word “Waiver” to 41288, and one of our relationship managers will contact you.

For queries regarding your current funeral cover (including the tombstone- and grandchild benefit) or funeral claims procedure, please do not hesitate to contact an IntegriSure relationship manager on 0860 055 055, or send an e-mail to