Official IntegriSure Advice
Issue: December 2017

Personal effects? Covered.

Summer is well and truly here. After winter's stay-ins, reading, watching television and lazing in bed, the time has come for long walks, days at the beach, ambling through malls and markets, and meeting friends and family.

The devastation of flames

Throughout history, natural disasters such as floods, hail, volcanoes, waves, tornadoes and fires have caused severe devastation. Few experiences can be as traumatic as seeing your home and everything you own and love inside it go up in smoke and reduced to blackened rubble.

If you are stranded, help is at hand

If you insure your car, it makes the world of sense to add breakdown assistance cover. The IntegriSure emergency assist line is available 24 hours a day for roadside emergencies anywhere within South Africa, and can be accessed by dialling 0860 055 055.

Enjoy the water with peace of mind

Summer is any watersports enthusiast's favourite time of year. The "lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer" offer wonderful opportunities for days, weekends and holidays at sea and on the many scenic lakes, rivers and dams our country has to offer.

IntegriSure Funeral Policy

Do you have enough cover? Make sure you don't leave your loved ones with a financial burden.