Official IntegriSure Advice
Issue: December 2018

Your home is destroyed. Would you be able to rebuild it?

Seeing it suddenly damaged or destroyed is devastating. Ask any of the victims of the raging fires in the Knysna area in 2017, and along the Garden Route more recently.

Your wheels, your mobility – make sure you can repair or replace it

Some form of transport, be it a car, motorcycle or other vehicle, is an essential part of most people’s life. Being without it is not only a major inconvenience, but can even jeopardise your income or job.

Everything under your roof is valuable, don’t risk losing it.

It is easy to underestimate the value of the items in your home – until you experience the misfortune of a burglary, robbery or other damage and loss. Seeing the dramatic escalation in the prices of everyday appliances and equipment since you purchased them can be a rude awakening.

All risk insurance provides all-round protection in a risky world

When you are rushing and trying to multi-task, accidents can and do happen. You leave your cellphone in a public bathroom, or lose a precious earring.

Hijacking – don’t fall prey

Hijackings are on the increase as can be seen in frequent media reports where in some instances people are also kidnapped. There have been recent reports of people fighting back against hijackers. We want to advise against this, as your life is more valuable than your possessions. That is the exact reason why you are covered for any loss or damage due to an insured peril.