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Issue: January 2016

Surviving 2016 with Smart Decisions

After a month of holiday festivities, buying gifts for loved ones, and hosting dinner parties for family and friends, many of us will have to tighten our belts in January. And it won’t just be because of some unwanted holiday pounds.

Claim with no question marks at IntegriSure

The Oxford dictionary defines the word ‘integrity’ as the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles. It is not by chance that this word forms the basis of our name and is also one of the most important values at IntegriSure. This business principle motivates us to offer clients the best products at the best price.

We’ve got you covered for water losses

According to UNESCO’s Water Cooperation, 783 million people across the world have to survive without access to clean water. On the African continent, more than 300 million people live in a water-scarce environment. Many of those that do have access to clean water have to walk far distances to get to it.

Planning on moving soon?

Everything you should know about protecting your possessions when moving house.